While some states prohibit the open-carry of firearms, all 50 states offer concealed-carry permits with varying degrees of restrictions (according to, concealing a weapon compromises its functionality and hinders ease of access.It's not accidental that the overwhelming majority of military and law-enforcement personnel wear their weapons openly in order to quickly access the weapon if a threat presents itself. While it makes sense that concealed-carry permit holders would want their weapon on them (holstered directly to the body) at all times, there are many drawbacks that often make this difficult and inconvenient.
The most obvious method is to conceal your weapon under a coat. This method allows for standard belt holsters or shoulder-holster systems that hold the weapon outside the clothing, but under the coat's fabric. Obviously, the major drawback to this method is if the weather/climate is unsuitable for wearing coats. Even if you insist on overdressing in warm weather, you are only drawing unwanted attention to yourself and the likelihood that you are carrying.
A loose, untucked shirt will be more versatile, but you are more likely to run the risk of "printing". This means the outline or bulge produced by the weapon is visible through the clothing. In some states (Florida, Illinois) , printing can possibly get you arrested! Printing usually results from factors such as wearing a weapon that's too large to conceal under light clothing, or wearing an outside the waistband holster. Even if the weapon is smaller and more compact, lighter clothing and particularly lighter colored clothing will likely print the weapon for all to see.
Carrying carelessly can inadvertently reveal your armed status. These behaviors include: leaning over too far in public, nervously checking to make sure your weapon is still there, constantly adjusting the holstered weapon for comfort and fit, favoring the gun side, "blading your body" away from every person as if they were a threat, and wearing inappropriate clothing for the climate. If you need to adjust your holstered weapon, you should do so in the privacy of a restroom or car; otherwise you are giving yourself away.
With all these drawbacks, it's no wonder many concealed-carry permit holders are choosing to carry "off-body", in a purse, backpack, or briefcase. That's where PackinPal comes in. Simply attach any clip-on belt or paddle style holster to one of PackinPal's three (3) lightweight sizes and slide it into your bag. You can also attach pepper spray, knives, or any other accessory. Your weapon will sit firmly without sliding around or turning over.
PackinPal is where you need it, when you need it.
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