Drawbacks of Concealed-Carry Bags
The paramount objective of concealed-carry is for your weapon to be hidden in public, but also accessible in the event of an emergency. While there are many gun holsters on the market specifically designed for this purpose, many permit-holders choose to carry "off-body" in a purse, satchel, or briefcase. Unfortunately, handbags specifically designed for concealed-carry tend to be unfashionable, expensive, and unpractical.
Many concealed-carry purses feature a recessed, zippered pocket compartment on the front of the bag. In order for the weapon to remain concealed, the pocket must remain zippered. Not only will you have to undo the hidden zipper quickly, but the angle of the draw is awkward for anyone carrying the bag as it was intended; over the shoulder. Descriptions of these bags very seldom go into any detail concerning the size of the gun compartments, or the size and material of the interior holsters. How will you know whether your weapon will fit inside your purse? How will you know whether it will get caught up in the zipper or edge of the pocket while you are trying to draw? All guns vary in terms of size and shape, and most gun owners are going to prioritize the choice of weapon over the choice of concealed-carry bag.
As a result of these limitations, many permit holders choose to carry concealed in a regular bag; but by doing so, they run additional risks. Unless you have a pocket specifically devoted to your weapon, the other items in your bag can easily obscure the gun and make it difficult to find in an emergency. The bad-guy isn't going to wait idly by while you search your bag for your gun! Once it's been placed inside, there isn't any way to know where the gun is pointing. It's also very easy for the other contents to hinder a safe, effective draw; possibly blocking the trigger area entirely. Common items like chap-stick, car-keys, or ball-point pens could inadvertently jam between the trigger guard and trigger itself, resulting in an accidental shot being discharged. This isn't only dangerous from a gun safety standpoint, but potentially catastrophic if you are targeted by a criminal.
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