Packin Pal

If you have a concealed carry permit, you already know there are risks. Having a gun won't matter if you can't get to it in time. When Seconds matter…. you need PackinPal. Our patented design comes in three sizes and fits almost any handgun and any bag. Just place your firearm in any clip-on belt or paddle-style holster and attach it to the universal PackinPal device. Place it in your bag and it's ready to go. Any time. Any angle. Any draw. PackinPal…. where you need it, when you need it.


A short tutorial on how to use PackinPal, carrying conditions and performing a proper draw.

Whether you're in a dark parking garage, or taken by surprise after a meeting, don't risk your safety with ugly and pricey concealed carry bags. PackinPal is the universal way to convert any purse, briefcase, or backpack into a concealed carry platform. Our patented design features multiple grooves and notches, which allows you to position your device at the height and angle you prefer. This means there's no draw it can't accommodate.
Simply attach any clip-on belt or paddle style holster to one of PackinPal's three (3) lightweight sizes and slide it into your bag. You can also attach pepper spray, knives, or any other accessory. Your weapon will sit firmly without sliding around or turning over. PackinPal is where you need it, when you need it.
*PackinPal units are depicted with the textured side out for display purposes; please refer to the instructions for proper usage.
Robert Chorost & Larry Hatch founded PackinPal in 2015. Robert has been in the jewelry industry for many years and always carries a firearm in his briefcase for security. Despite being armed, he worried that he wouldn't be able to secure or access his weapon (amidst his other belongings) in the event of an emergency. After discussing the issue with his father and entrepreneur friend, Larry, they came up with PackinPal's proprietary design. It features multiple notches and grooves to accommodate any clip-on belt holster or paddle-style holster at any draw height or angle. Add our product to your existing bag and conceal carry in style.
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